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mirror affirmations

We are so excited to be offering these beautiful mirror affirmations. Perfect for any mirror in your home or work.

They are a beautiful touch for your salon if you work in the beauty industry for your clients, if you own a gym these are perfect for your gym mirrors - or any workplace to give your employees/customers a little pick me up every time they catch a glimpse of the beautiful words.

We LOVE seeing them used for your kids, and seeing them repeat them in the mirror to themselves.

We have a range for you to choose from or create your own.


Our standard sizes are 30cm, 60cm and 1m but please contact us if you'd like a specific size :) 


Standard colours are black and white but have other colours available so just message us if you're after a specific colour. 


Please see our FONTS PAGE for larger photos of the different fonts if you need :)


mirror affirmations

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