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Organise your pantry, laundry, bathroom, home office, kid's' play room, garage with our labels! Or use them to personalise your drink bottles, glasses, keep cups etc!


Please see our FONTS PAGE for larger photos of the different fonts if you need :)


Labels shown in above photo are size medium


TO ORDER: Please add one label to your cart at a time


Please note: Pricing increases $1.00 per word (up to 5 words) 

If your label is more than 5 words, please contact us for a quote! :) 


There will be a very slight variance with each font, but sizing is approximately:

⚡ extra small - 1cm high 

⚡ small - 2cm high

⚡ medium - 3cm high

⚡ large - 4cm high

⚡ extra large - 5cm high
​**please note that if your label has a tall letter (h, d, b etc) AND a letter with a tail (y, j, g etc) then your label will be slightly higher than the above heights


  • If there is a specific length/height that you need (or if you would like a larger size for your label) you are more than welcome to leave a message in the "notes" section when ordering, email us or get in contact with us via instagram and we will be happy to help! :)

  • If your label is 2 or more words and you are wanting different fonts (eg chia seeds - chia in font 4 and seeds in font 8) please let us know in the "font" section when ordering by separating the font numbers with a comma (eg 4, 8)

  • Also, when you send us your order, we will make it EXACTLY how you type it including capital letters and spelling. So please make sure to double-check that you are 100% happy with your label before it comes to us :) 


  • If you are after other colours for your labels, we are happy to quote you accordingly


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